12 lead ECG acquisition
"CardioKit-Cardiograph" program module

ECG recording

  • Current displaying of 12-lead ECG
  • ECG speed selection (25 or 50 mm/s)
  • ECG gain selection (5, 10 or 20 mm/mV)
  • ECG fragment duration selection (10, 16 or 24 sec)
  • Recording of 12-lead ECG fragment

ECG fragment review

  • Stored ECG fragment review
  • Semiautomatic measurement of ECG parameters (amplitudes, time intervals, slopes):
    • Selection of any part of ECG for measurement
    • Unlimited number of measurements
    • Text comments
    • Storing of measurement results as documents for print

Preparing of documents for print

  • The following documents can be prepared for print:
    • Stored ECG fragment
    • Parts of the stored fragment
    • ECG parameters measurement results
  • Editing of documents before print
  • Print preview is available

Database of patients and examinations

  • List of patients
  • Electronic registration cards of patients
  • List of examinations
  • Data search, sorting, review
  • Data export and import


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