ECG monitoring system

Purpose and fields of application

Computer based system "RITMON" is intended for 24-hour ECG monitoring in the intensive care unit (ICU) or cardiac care unit (CCU) environment.

Medical applications:

  • 24-hour monitoring and storing of ECG signal and ECG analysis results for their further review and documenting
  • real-time detection of life-threatening arrhythmia and their predecessors
  • examination of cardiovascular system response to workload (exercise testing) or to some drugs and therapeutic measures
  • ECG analysis and storing in the course of electrophysiological examinations (including the examinations with artificial pacing)
The system hardware includes four bedside ECG acquisition devices, connected to the computer based central station via RS-485 serial bus.

ECG acquisition modules

have slender, elastic cables with the connectors for disposable ECG electrodes. Module mass - 100 g, dimensions - 110x65x20 mm.


Communication devices

are intended for the connection of ECG acquisition modules to the central station. Each device is provided with special contacts in order to use some other ECG equipment without additional electrodes.

ECG acquisition modules are registered by the Russian Federation "State Standard Organization" (the certificate number 6487) and recommended by the Russian Federation Public Health Ministry (recommendation number 29/2-1023-98). The central station software is recommended by the Russian Federation Public Health Ministry (recommendation number 29/16-664-97).

ECG monitoring for four patients

  • current visualization of ECG, heart rate, extrasystoles number and ST-segment shift
  • automatic arrhythmia analysis (supraventricular and ventricular extrasystoles, bigeminy, trigeminy, atrial fibrillation, brady- and tachy-cardia, missed beats)
  • audio and light alarm indication in case of life-threatening arrhythmia detection (ventricular asystole and fibrillation, paroxismal ventricular tachycardia)
  • ST-segment analysis
  • paced ECG analysis

Full ECG storing and disclosure

System RITMON provides modern ECG monitoring technique - 24-hour ECG storing and disclosure. Operator have possibility of reviewing and documenting of comprehensive and reliable picture of cardiac activity:

Distinct pulse on the heart rate trend is typical for the tachycardia event.
Marking the pulse on the heart rate trend one can get the RR tachogramm which clearly shows the dynamics of heart rhythm.
One more mouse motion - and operator can observe detailed picture of ventricular tachycardia fit.
After selection of the required ECG fragment operator can enlarge it and make the necessary time and amplitude measurements.

Automatic analysis of ECG and heart rate

Automatic analysis of ECG provides detection of diagnostically important ECG changes and estimation of heart rate characteristics:

Extrasystoles trends provide fast and exact search of corresponding ECG fragments.
Reliable detection of artificial pacemaker operation mode disturbances is provided.
ST-segment shift is measured at three points of cardiac cycle. ST shift trends provide detection and quantitative estimation of ischemic ECG changes.
Spectral heart rate variability (HRV) parameters represent indicators of the autonomic nervous system heart rate regulation.

Documenting of ECG monitoring data

The results of the ECG monitoring can be documented as tables, plots and ECG fragments.



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