Exercise testing
"CardioKit - Stress Test" program module

Preparation to the examination

  • Registration of patient in the specialized database
  • Selection of exercise testing scenario:
    • Three stages of the testing are allowed:
      - rest (before workload)
      - workload (includes given number of steps)
      - recreation (rest after workload)
    • Workload value for every step is set as:
      - power (Watt) for ergometer
      - speed (Km/hr) and slope angle (%)
    • Workload is changed by operator in accordance to the scenario
  • Lead system selection:
    • 12 standard leads (I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6)
    • Neb leads (D, A, I)
  • Sub-maximum HR is determined:
    • Using formula (220*Age)*NN%, NN=70, 75, 80 or 85
    • By operator
  • Low and high HR alarm limits can be set by operator

Exercise testing implementation

  • Automatic timing of the procedure in accordance to the scenario:
    • Sound and visible signals after each step
    • Graphical presentation of the current stage of testing
    • Possibility of ahead of time finishing of testing or pass to the next workload step
  • Current display of ECG and typical cardiac cycle form:
    • Flexible selection of lead combination to be displayed
    • Selection of ECG gain (from 5 to 20 mm/mV) and speed (from 10 to 100 mm/sec)
  • Automatic estimation of current HR (every 5 seconds)
  • Automatic measuring of ST-segment shift:
    • ST-segment shift values for all leads
    • Possibility of manual correction of ST-segment shift measuring point
  • Manual input of blood pressure values
  • Full recording of all data acquired in the course of exercise testing
  • ECG "froze" mode: possibility of last 30 second ECG-fragment review
  • Possibility of marking of time moments, corresponding to some diagnostically significant events

Stored data review

  • Review of all stored data, synchronized by time (reconstruction of the exercise testing):
    • Actual scenario of the examination
    • ECG in all acquired leads
    • Results of ECG data automatic analysis
    • Typical cardiac cycles
    • Blood pressure values, entered by operator
    • HR and ST shift trends, RR-interval tachogram
    • Operator's markers
  • Semiautomatic measurement of ECG parameters (amplitudes, time intervals, slopes):
    • Selection of any part of ECG for measurement
    • Unlimited number of measurements
    • Text comments
    • Storing of measurement results as documents for print

Preparing of documents for print

  • The following documents can be prepared for print:
    • Exercise testing protocol
    • Stored ECG fragments (both automatically saved after each step of testing and recorded by operator's request in the course of data review)
    • Typical cardiac cycles
    • ECG parameters measurement results
  • Editing of documents before print
  • Print preview is available

Database of patients and examinations

  • List of patients
  • Electronic registration cards of patients
  • List of examinations
  • Data search, sorting, review
  • Data export and import


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